Sunbrella Fabrics are durable and very easy to clean! High Performance, UV stabilized pigments are added during the production of fade-resistant Sunbrella fiber, giving Sunbrella yarn and fabric color throughout that won’t fade or wash away. Think “Carrot”. In ordinary fabrics, dyes are added to the surface of the yarn or fabric. The color only penetrates the outer layer and washes out or fades away over time. Think “radish”. Pindler has a large array of Sunbrella Fabrics to suite your…

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Pindler's Signature Exclusive Sunbrella "Maison et Jardin" Collection. This fabulous grouping is an exclusive line of European-inspired Sunbrella fabrics from the Richard Frinier Collection. The Maison et Jardin Collection uses special blended yarns of Sunbrella to create a linen look, that blends the boundaries between indoor and outdoor upholstery.

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It’s time for your living room to take a lesson from your closet. When you desire a pop of color or texture to lift your dampened winter weather spirits, what piece in your wardrobe do you gravitate...

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“@thibaut_1886's new Calypso series is classic summer perfection. Nothing beats blue and white- and the fabrics are all @sunbrella so they are super easy…”

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