Porch Swing.  I like this B!!   BB

The porch sofa swing. Andrea maybe you should put a swing on your new screened porch

Beautiful Tattoo

15 Beautiful Tattoo Designs to Try

<3 Gallery: Our Amazing Sun~The Sun, Solar Eclipses & Solar Phenomena. This sight must have really frightened people many hundreds of years ago. <3

Gallery: Our Amazing Sun

Gallery: Our Amazing Sun~The Sun, Solar Eclipses & Solar Phenomena.

Three Season Porch Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor

A three-seasons porch trimmed in red and blue blend the home's interior, exterior and patio too.

This beautiful black glue Valentine's Day art project is absolutely gorgeous and is a simple way to explore cubism art with children. The mixture of black glue outlines mixed with bright watercolors always creates a frame worthy Valentine's Day art project.

Black Glue Valentine's Day Art Project

How beautiful is this art projects for kids this Valentine's Day? Would make a gorgeous gift too!

Book of Shadows Pages Free | Book of Shadows 04 Page 3 by ~Sandgroan on deviantART

The Planets: Sol (Sun) - from the Book of Shadows 04 Page 2 by *Sandgroan on deviantART.

30 Sunroom Design Ideas (but this is what I really really want)

Increase Your Home's Value

Moon and Sun by *Papierpilot Digital Art  "Since the Moon is the strongest symbol for romantic longing and as a character a lifelong fascination of mine, I thought I come up with something like this. I took a lot of planning on it, especially how moon's face is carved out of the rocks.  It's the old tragedy, being nothing without your counterpart but never being able to really reach him or her. I hope it looks a little bit lonely ..."

three things cannot be long hidden the sun the moon and the truth - Buddha .The truth will reveal itself. meanwhile I hope what you did eats your soul.