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19 Badass Summer Jobs for Teens (and College Students)

Students, whether in college or in their teen years need a good summer job. Good summer jobs for teens and college students should pay well, give good experience, and be fun and flexible.

Get Paid to Lead Hiking Trips or Watch Movies: 10 Summer Jobs With Awesome Perks

Whether you’re looking for summer work that offers outdoor adventures or air conditioning, make sure you choose a seasonal job with great perks. Hey, if you can score free rafting trips for your friends or watch the latest movies for free, you’d better take advantage of it. Here are 10 great summer seasonal jobs with sweet bonuses. - The Penny Hoarder

6 Great Summer Job Ideas for Your 13-Year-Old

How to Get a Great Summer Job

Summer job search tips that will help you find a summer job fast.

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A beginners guide to finding jobs around the world

Anny's Adventures Travel Blog // A beginners guide to finding jobs abroad featuring the following jobs; Seasons, cruise ship, English teaching, Volunteer, super yacht, summers camps and tour guide jobs. This post includes useful websites to find jobs and more information regarding each job category and a little bit more information regarding them. Click on the photo/pin for a link to find the full guide on my travel blog.

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How to Get a Great Summer Job