About once a year at the beginning of fall ill check this out of the library and curl up with a cup of tea and read it cover to cover

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Jarvis Cocker. He's super cool--he looks like a cross between David Tennant and Mr. G of Summer Heights High here.

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Can't remember if I've done this as a kid. I'm considering doing the serious, talllll, need-to-sign-a-waiver type tree-climbing!

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The Best Places to GO Camping (in Summer) Must have this on your bicket list to do with your spouse!! MUST!!!

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Europe’s largest Hot Air Balloon Festival

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奥林匹克公园瞭望塔 Olympic Park Observation Tower

Olympic Park Observation Tower, Beijing, China designed by Shi Yingfang, Li Lei and Wen Yaling, height 243m. Construction began in 2008, to coincide with that year's Summer Olympics and completed/opened in 2014. It is used strictly for observation; there is no provision for offices or apartments. 258 metres (846 ft) in height, its design, with 4 smaller circular floors at different heights and positions below a larger top floor, is meant to echo the Olympic rings.

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Summer Heights High. All episodes loaded on the iPad, ready to keep us entertained on the red eye to Boston.

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