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FREE! Print out this simple, yet effective form to help your substitute document their time spent in your class. This quick reference sheet will note a variety of management issues, concerns, or suggestions that the classroom teacher should be made aware of during their time away.


Be a Prepared Substitute Teacher!

Be a Prepared Substitute Teacher! This no prep binder includes lesson plans for K-6, a calendar, a page to keep track of all your sub info, and a form to leave your sub notes at the end of the day! #substituteteaching Read more:


Learning How to Be a Good Substitute Teacher

I can add this to my sub-folder. No guess-work for what type of info to leave for the teacher when they return. I'll need to adapt it for the 6 classes I teach in one day, but it's much better than coming back to no note or information!


Elementary School Substitute Teacher Report

Keep track of what happens in your classroom, even when you aren't there. This substitute teacher form is designed specifically for elementary/primary grades. Keep a few handy for when you have a substitute teacher, or keep a few copies in your own substitute teacher kit.

Substitute Binder EDITABLE { for Short and Long Term Subs } Melonheadz

Never feel unprepared for a substitute again with this dual-purpose, editable substitute binder for both short and long term substitutes. This binder is intended to provide you, the teacher, with everything you need to have well prepared day(s) planned for your substitute teacher. Have an organized, well put together substitute binder for your days out that is not only easy to put together, but stylish with Melonheadz graphics! By Mrs. D's Corner.