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Bolton Cinema glass slide promoting Dig For Victory..BRITISH WW II.....16


Goroka boy, Papua New Guinea from Jimmy Nelson's photo series "Before they pass away"

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What is a Homesteader

What is a Homesteader? » Lots of people think you have to have farm animals, 40 acres or a big ol' tractor to be a homesteader, but that's not always true. So what is a homesteader? #homestead #youmightbe


Mucubal . Angola . .The headdress is often made of a wicker framework, traditionally filled with a bunch of tied cow tails, decorated with buttons, shells, zippers and beads.


Daily life consists of husbandry and (primarily subsistence) agriculture. The fertility and temperate climate of the valley makes for lush greenery. The Drokpas’ main sources of income are apples, grapes, walnuts, dried apricots, oil from apricot kernels, and other products cultivated in the Drokpa’s welltended vegetable gardens.


Mucawana occupy a southern land isolated by deserts and mountains from the rest of the country and have kept their ethnic individuality and culture in the seclusion of Oncocua and Elola , Angola. Mucawana people are impervious to change as they still live and dress in strictly traditional ways. They engage in subsistence agriculture and animal husbandry. Africa .


Beneficial Insects - an organic farmer's best friends!

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38 Principles of Self-Sufficiency - Survival Mom

38 Principles of Self-Sufficiency. Thought provoking, maybe even disturbing, but worth reading!