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Submachine Gun

HECKLER AND KOCH MP5A3 9mm 30rd SUB-MACHINE GUN: First created in 1964, this sub-machine gun was developed as a pistol-caliber, blowback operated roller-locked member of the Heckler and Koch weapons system. Is still considered the preeminent sub-machine gun in the world after nearly four decades of use.

George "Machine Gun" Kelly is probably considered one of the most famous "gangsters" from the prohibition era. "Machine Gun" was born George Kelly Barnes on July 18, 1895, to a wealthy family living in Memphis, Tennessee. His nickname came from his favorite weapon, a Thompson submachine gun. Kelly’s most famous crime was the kidnapping of oil tycoon & businessman Charles Urschel in July 1933 for which he, and his gang, earned 200,000 dollars ransom.

Heckler and Koch MP5K (I've fired MP5-N [Navy] as well). Including the older A1 and A2's and the newest UMP40 variants at gun shows

SIG SAUER MPX KeyMod Multi Cal Machine Pistol/Mini Submachine Gun (SMG)/PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) with Silencer/Sound Suppressor at NDIA SOFIC 2014 (Photos!)