I used carved styrofoam insulation board as is pretty common now. The only thing I think make mine stand out from some that I've seen on other sites is that I didn't want them to look too new. I wanted the look of old, cracked and pitted. Like they had been forgotten in a run-down cemetery for ages. The painting was done in stages - a medium base coat followed by two coats, one light and one dark, applied with a sea sponge.

Home Depot - Foil sound barrier styrofoam panels............................... styrofoam insulation with sound barrier foil on them. They are 4' wide by 8' tall, weigh about 3 pounds each, and are only $10.00 a panel.

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Johns Cross Motorcaravan and Camping Centre - Fiamma Thermo Wall Ducato, £60.00 (http://www.johnscross.co.uk/products/fiamma-thermo-wall-ducato.html)

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To help with heating and cooling our house, we insulated over our hideaway attic stairs by making a box type frame out of Styrofoam insulation to fit over the stairs opening.

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I started these the Maitlands' from Beetlejuice homemade costume with a 2 inch thick sheet of Styrofoam insulation (8ft x 4ft). I was able to convince...

DIY Cheap Tufted Headboard- Made with a piece of $10 styrofoam insulation board and faux fabric buttons by Over The Apple Tree

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