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Hptm Egon Delica (1915-1999) -- RK Fallschirmjäger Sturmabteilung "Koch"


Major Rudolf Witzig (1916-2001) -- RK: 10-5-40 Führer Sturmgruppe "Granit" in der Fallschirmjäger Sturm Abteilung "Koch"; Eich(662): 25-11-44 Kdr I./FschPiRgt 21

This is an SA man (Sturm Abteilung - storm trooper) made in Germany during the 1930s by LEYLA, one of the smaller manufacturers. The swastika on his red armband has been scratched off, which is common on such figures of this period as it was illegal to show this symbol in Germany for several decades after the war. This is a one piece casting and the style is reminiscent of earlier ornamental ceramic figures. The smaller manufacturers are not widely collected, and the sculpting is generally…

The millionaire Labour Party donor Michael Foster has written an appalling diatribe for the Daily Mail entitled "Why "I despise Jeremy Corbyn and his Nazi stormtroopers" in which he bitterly criticises Jeremy Corbyn and smears the people who support him as Nazi stormtroopers (Sturmabteilung). The Daily Mail! The first thing to note is that of all of the newspapers to submit such a diatribe to, the Daily Mail is clearly incredibly inappropriate given their support for Hitler and Nazism in…

Major Martin Schächter -- RK: 12-5-40 Führer Sturmgruppe "Eisen" in der Fallschirmjäger Sturmabteilung "Koch"