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Skyler :3Dude, you were so drunk last night! | How drunk? | First, you took one of my mum's pineapples and started ripping it apart with a knife yelling: I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE SPONGEBOB!!! | Then, you found a sponge and yelled: WHAT'S THE KRABBY PATTY SECRET FORMULA!!! Thus, ripping it apart... | Finally, you took our neighbour's pony, named it Pinkie Pie, and rode it around town singing the My Little Pony theme song... | Well shit...


NickHey Emily, im really upset i dont think Nick likes me :( but i like really like him and dont know what to say! :( | Well im sure nick likes you, your perfect, gorgeous, smart no one can say no to you :) anyway practise on me? | Ok well....Hey Nick i think your amazing and i really like you whenever i see you i can help but smile :) i've never met such a perfect guy, will you be mine


Text From Dog, I don't even have a dog and this cracks me up!


the dude who replied to danny is dumb cuz even if he text's danny that he threw his phone how the hell will danny read it if he threw his phone? LOL