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I've got to do this next year New Student Pack. Make 5 extra at the beginning of the year and include: the name tag, lunch number, birthday candle for our display, labels for folders, desk plates, spelling folders, take-home folders, notebooks, beginning of the year information notes, brochure about our classroom, etc.

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Ready-To-Decorate® Packed With Stuff About Me! Posters

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Hiya, this pack includes a student certificate, tokens to give out for points (in cases where the IWB can't be accessed immediately you can give the token so they can trade them for a point later on), reward selector cards (such as use the teachers chair for a class or choose a reward from the prize box) and a little card to put on the students desk or as a necklace to say that they were the class champion the previous week. All are decorated with the Class Dojo Avatars.

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Teaching Resource: A set of 11 synonym posters to help your students choose words other than said, went, bad, get, good, nice, see, small and big.

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Back to School Owl Chart & Passes to Track Class & Student Pack

This file includes three major components which helps keeps track of students and the class. Did you ever wonder where one of your students is? This poster will keep track of your students. It is a great help for when the fire drill rings just look at the poster and you know where everyone is.

Back to School: Beginning of the Year Activities Pack

Back to School: Getting to Know You Activities Pack - Nicole Rios -

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Another Dojo certificate for highest points. Might also be cool to make one for most improved (percentage-wise) from one week to the next. The teacher would not need to track this; students can find their own percentages by week on their student accounts, and they'd need to inform the teacher of their improvement/difference from one week to the next.

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