"Proud #GallaudetU parents and one of the newest members of the Gallaudet student body during New Student Orientation. Welcome new and returning students! Happy spring 2017 semester!"

Getting a new student can be stressful for the child AND the teacher. And the last thing you want to do is make a new student feel unwelcomed. So ease your stress with a task list for those mornings when the secretary or principal tells you, "By the way, you're getting a new student this morning." That way you can greet your new student with a warm smile, welcome, and everything they need to get off to a good start. Currently FREE

Behavior reflection for students. This could be a good resource to use when small behavioral issues arise. For larger issues, students should be referred to the School Counselor, Peer Meditaion program, or Principal/Vice-Principal, depending on the severity.

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A brand new design for new student orientation this fall at Niagara University. #design #custom #graphicdesign #embroidery #screenprinting #tshirt #apparel #artwork #college

All about me bag: beginning of the year I did this last year and the students loved it!

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