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Secrets of successful and effective students. For more tips on life improvement check here:

Best Tips to Improve Yourself

The Secrets of Successful and Effective Studying Infographic provides some useful tips for your successful studying.

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Free Printable Student Binder: Over 25 Excellent Planning Pages!

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9 Evening Habits Worth Starting In College

9 Evening Habits Worth Starting In College

10 ways college students can invest in themselves to make the most of their twenties. Plus personal development tips and life advice for millennials. A must-read if you're in college!

10 Ways I Invest In Myself

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Cork Board Ideas

27 DIY Cool Cork Board Ideas, Instalation & Photos

the-girlygeek: // It’s been a while since I posted! My life just got all kinds of crazy. I have my last final tomorrow for accounting, but of course with my luck, I’ve come down with the flu I’m so tempted to curl up in bed right now.

Ohhh we all say it at the beginning of every academic year “this year I’m gonna get straight A’s and I’m gonna study soo hard, this year is different”. Aaand then you …

5 FREE Apps Every Student Needs: Back to School

10 Study Techniques Every Student Should Try – SOCIETY19

10 Study Techniques Every Student Should Try

Spend no more time surfing the web for the most helpful websites, as here are 50 helpful websites for budgeting, academics, entertainment and more for college students.

50 Insanely Useful Websites College Students Need To Know

Whether you want to admit or not – college students need help – in more ways than one. No reason to be ashamed…college life is hard! Your first few steps into an independent life, an onslaught of new responsibility smacking you in the face and intimidatin

*Article contributors: Anu Sekar, Deborah Rankin and Sereen Hamawi College? There’s an app for that! Well, lots of apps, actually. Each semester we find new apps that are the next social media trend, health buddy, or just all around life saver. An

25 Apps Every College Student Should Have

*Article contributors: Anu Sekar, Deborah Rankin and Sereen Hamawi College? There’s an app for that! Well, lots of apps, actually. Each semester we find new app

Simple but effective money saving life hacks and tips for students

Money Saving Life Hacks for Students

STUDENT: Im a student, as are lots of other people, but being a student means I'm striving towards my goals and is improving my knowledge and ability to become a more independent person and grow as a person away from home.

Printables are the perfect way to stay organised without breaking the bank. I love making and using them myself, and so I hope you find them useful for studying, your day-to-day life or even both....

Free Printables!

A Picture Of A University Students Desk With The Text '179 UNIVERSITY ESSENTIALS You'll Hate To Forget'

If you're preparing to go off to University, we've got the 179 University essentials you'll need, as well as a set of free printable University checklists.

I hate budgeting. It's stressful and finicky, but it's necessary. Here are some easy ways to budget your money as a student so that you know you won't bleed your bank account dry! read the rest at

How to Budget Your Money as a Student

Money can be a stressful topic, especially for a college student! This post is so insightful, and can easily help any struggling student better manage their finances.