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Fellow travelers! It’s the summer time, which means many of you wanderlusters are heading out for a big adventure as a foreign exchange student next month. I am always thrilled to hear about …


HOW TO SUCCEED IN HIGH SCHOOL >>>For AMANDA JADE ROCHA who should spend as much time on homework as she does on PINTEREST so that she graduates high school in three months.

Enrich your life or that of your child with Study Abroad opportunities in high school. Whether through School to School Exchange, Independent Homestay programs, hosting a foreign exchange student yourself, or otherwise: CCI Greenheart has it all!


Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student: Part 2


This is so fantastic, and yet horrifying.. because we all KNOW what someone like Malfoy would do to a poor little Hufflepuff/Gryffindor/Ravenclaw kid forced to live with the Slytherins..


ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) ISEP is a program provider that allows students to pay tuition and, most of the time, room and board to their home institution while studying in one of their member institutions. Currently, ISEP offers placement in 42 countries at over 300 universities. Students are able to use their financial aid on available semester, year, and summer programs.

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Galapagos Islands

Ecuador Travel Cheat Sheet; Sign up at for high-res images…