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Student Loans: A Guide to University Debt

Are you planning to get a student loan? Or do you already have a student loan? Then read our guide on UK student loans, student loans repayments and grants here.

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Reducing Student Loan Debt #infographic #StudentLoan #Debt #College

Reducing Student Loan Debt #infographic

IELTS Writing: DOs and DON’Ts of Task 2

In the first 2015 post I'd like to continue with our IELTS series of posts we started last year. In this one I look at Writing Task 2. I've put together a list of tips which I normally give to my s...

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Student Loan Forgiveness, Discharge or the Other #infographic

How to Stop Being Afraid of Your Student Debt

You're afraid of your student debt. So afraid, in fact, that you don't even know exactly how much you owe or to whom. How did it end up like this? [Click through for your FREE Student Loan Debt Tracker!]

'We won't pay': students in debt take on for-profit college institution

30 Side Jobs to Make Money & Help Pay Down Debt

Are you trying to get out of debt? Looking for another job to supplement your income? Take a look at these 30 side jobs to make money and help pay off your debt.

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