Now this could come in VERY handy - The Non Slip Loop Knot. The strongest loop knot you can tie.

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Surgeon's knot for making jewelry.. Very secure and easy to tie... I use this as a strong finishing knot.

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The Non Slip Loop Knot. Superb. The strongest loop knot you can tie. Used by big game anglers worldwide. Easy to tie, far stronger and more reliable than the old fashioned strangulating figure eight knot that can substantially weaken line.

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If I was ever taught this, I don't remember it. I KNOW I was taught that there are "no knots in embroidery" ... so, I learned several ways to fasten thread for needlepoint or cross stitch .... but, for hand sewing (hexis for me) this is brilliant!

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Risk / Тема: - Dyneema. Так ли страшен черт, как его малюют? More

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How to tie an Alpine Butterfly Loop - twist method. The finger-wrapping method is easier, though. See Fantastic knot, btw. Very strong and very easy to untie.

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Step-by-step Instructions on Decorating Hair Combs with Handmade Knot Roses
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