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Straw Bale Gardening Bounty by the Bale #Infographic #Gardening …

Straw Bale Gardening Bounty by the Bale #Infographic

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Straw bales (not hay bales) are a great place to plant vegetables. The straw is an easy, loose place for the plants to spread out their roots.

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How to build a straw bale garden, this site has more information... I did it this year and I'm amazed at the size of my tomatoes! I put them around my Rhubarb patches and I was harvesting rhubarb into late September! Give this a try

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Introduction to Straw Bale Gardening

Straw Bale Gardening is a simply a different type of container gardening. The main difference is that the container is actually the straw bale itself, held

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Straw-bale gardening lets you grow vegetables without soil

straw bale garden..going to try this, gotta be a way to eliminate the back breaking work and battles with weeds.

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How to Condition Straw Bales

How to Condition Straw Bales --By Shelle | March 13, 2015 | Gardening --Use this method to get a bale ready for planting

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Straw Bale Garden Tips

Straw Bale Garden Tips | A Beginners Guide for Straw Bale Gardening from Start to Finish!

How to Grow a Straw Bale Garden diyprojects.ideas... Can't grow plants and vegetables because critters keep eating them? This simple gardening idea might just be the solution for you! This is also better than the usual garden in a number of ways. Learn more and see how easy gardening is with this tutorial. :) #strawbale #garden