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This straitjacket restrained adult patients in psychiatric hospitals during the 1930s through to the 1960s. It is made of heavy canvas. It has four ties on the main body and excessively long arms. These wrap around and tie behind the back. Such garments restricted the movements of patients considered violent or unruly. Their use was phased out when anti-psychotic drugs and more ‘humane’ methods of management were introduced.


Corsets with fan lacing; also known as camp corsets were made so that it was possible for women to put on their corsets without the help of a maid.


Pink silk spencer with front opening and turn down collar, applied decoration of pink satin rouleaux loops with 5 rouleaux strips at wrist and 2 rows at lower edge, collar piped in silk, 3 layers of `leaf' decoration on epaulettes over straight sleeves; c.1815. MT.2043 hand stitched collar: hand stitched lining Dimensions: Length: 300 mm (CB) Length: 160 mm (CF) Width: 350 mm (chest)



British riding habit: 1750-59: Women’s riding outfits, known as ‘riding habits’, of the 18th century adapted elements of men’s dress. This jacket of the 1750s is styled after a man’s coat, although it has been modified with a waist seam to fit over stays and a wide petticoat.


Tutorial: Straight Jacket 2 by *RedYume - Either this would make a good costume for Halloween or make it pvc and have some fun with it heh.


Men's Economy Straight Jacket Costume