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Make a pocket door like this and put photographs over glass panes for now when it's a bedroom then remove later.

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A regional favourite from the North East of England, the stottie cake or stotty, is in fact a bread & is the perfect canvas for sandwich fillers preferably Ham and Peasepudding (hot or cold) or mopping up a hearty stew.

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A delicate Kobus Dippenaar bridal gown and a Twigs and Honey headpiece for a elegant literature themed wedding at Long Barn, Childerley Hall by Hannah Duffy Photography.

Groomsmen in Tweed & Brown Wedding Suits | Elegant literature themed wedding at Long Barn, Childerley Hall | Images by Hannah Duffy Photography |

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Bohemian Outdoor Tipi Wedding with a Festival Vibe

Bohemian Outdoor Tipi Wedding Tweed Bow Tie Groom Beard

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How to make the ultimate stottie

If i learn to MAKE stottie i won't need to wait a year at a time to enjoy it with a couple rashers of bacon mmmmmmmmm

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Stottie cake - Wikipedia

Miss these - filled with bacon, egg, tomato, sausage, pease pudding, ketchup ..... Stotty Cake Recipe at MyDish

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flowerlady-flourlady: Stottie cake and Pease Pudding

Stotty Cake (Stottie Cake)

A Northumberland Cottage Kitchen Recipe: Stotty Cake (Stottie Cake) :

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Stottie Cakes

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