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100 Story Ideas

I have delved into my old notebooks, and my old unconscious, and I bring you the fruits of my labours! Here are 100 story ideas you can steal right now. Write a story about… A character with an addiction who discovers that they’re someone else’s addiction

Character Archetypes: Enriching your Novel's Cast | Now Novel

Character Archetypes: Enriching your Novel's Cast

Your success in life is determined by one thing - your character. And that, in turn, is created and shaped in your earliest years. Make sure to instill good/tough character in your kids early on, otherwise they'll fail the most trivial tasks.

writing prompt

Inspiration: Using Images as Writing Prompts

Christian hip hop artists' lyrics laid out in graphic posters. I'm just thinking that this would be a fascinating story prompt

Baby names inspired by Roman mythology are climbing the popularity charts. Check out the top 50 Roman mythology names that are perfect for your baby.

50 Wonderful Roman Mythology Names For Your Baby

Obviously available for the naming of actual babies but also, possibly, helpful for anyone planning a story who, like myself, is not particularly good at thinking of decent names.

"Who said I was playing?" I look over at him, the gun in my hand feeling as light as a feather, "Does it look like I'm playing?" I raise my eyebrow, gun lifting to point at her.

Writespiration #4

dialogue prompt - “Children shouldn’t play with guns.” “Who said I was playing?

The bracelet soon turned into a necklace. Lianna only wore it at night or…

Charm bracelet. (PROMPTUARIUM » writing prompt)

50 charms later it began to be a necklace. It was an impressive feat when she showed him.

As a writer, your job is to torture your readers with tension. The fun of…

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

As a writer, your job is to torture your readers with tension. The fun of fiction is anticipation, and if your story doesn't have it your readers won't stick around. Here are 3 ways you might be killing your story's tension and losing readers.

Creating Credible Female Villains. Take everything we assume about a woman and sprinkle it with evil or a touch of insanity...great fun xkx

Warning: These 5 Points Will Help You Create Awesome Female Villains

Creating Credible Female Villains -note to self use this for the blue war. Also, borderline personality disorder is rarely done right I books, and is a cop-out. I know people with bpd and they are not villains, just difficult to understand.

Describe hands well - read examples from Steinbeck and others.

How to Describe Hands: 6 Ways to Make Characters Real