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rossdraws: “Drew my own version of Storm in yesterday’s video! Made it ‘Cosmic Storm’. Thanks for suggesting the character and hope you dig it!

Storm by Philip Tan and colours by Elmer Santos

Storm by Phillip Tan, colours by Elmer Santos Super Hero shirts, Gadgets & Accessories, Leggings, lovers

Storm | Jasric

jasric: deviantART[x] I literally think storm is one of the most beautiful women ever and I love her so much, right next to ww and jean grey I’ll do a comparative post later with the last storm I drew (haha it’s very old!

Ororro Munroe-Code Name: Storm - Mutant Abilities: Weather manipulation, Energy perception, Ecological empathy,  Resistance to the effects of the weather and extreme temperatures.

The Marvel Universe is home to hundreds of unique heroes that possess a variety of interesting super powers. Characters in the Marvel Universe include Spiderman, the X-Men, the Avengers, and more.

Storm by Mark Brooks

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said: That new storm costume from Uncanny x-men, called "Avengers vs X-men" in TC comes from fortune card

Marvel Now Storm Marvel 8-Bit Perler Bead Pattern

Marvel Now Storm Marvel 8-Bit Perler Bead Pattern