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"this is the story of how i never stopped running. this is the story of how, when the wolves knocked, i met them at the door and i became the beast, instead. - ashe vernon, from “little red,“ belly of the beast


10 Lethal Plants That Are In Your Backyard Right Now

The herb Aconitum (/ˌækəˈnaɪtəm/ A-co-ní-tum), also known as "The Queen of Poisons", Aconite, Monkshood, Wolf's Bane, Leopard's Bane, Women's Bane, Devil's Helmet or Blue Rocket, is a genus of over 250 species of flowering plants belonging to the family Ranunculaceae. Aconite can kill you by stopping your heart. Touching it without gloves can poison you.


Lily Allen reveals her Bridget Jones tracks have been pulled

Catching up: She tweeted the previous day: 'I'm stopping over in LAX for an hour or so. If anyone fanicies bringing me some @innoutburger to Terminal B I'd do pretty much anything' #joshuasanders #fw1415

How to Stop Compulsive Eating and Food Obsessions in 3 Simple Steps

Hunger or Cravings? Know the difference. Reconnect to your natural hunger. Stop craving food when you’re not hungry and control your weight effortlessly without ever having to start another diet.