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I hate it with a passion! Yes, I notice it! You are WAY too obvious. Stop copying me or trying to get one up. You need hit numerous times with a baseball bat!


STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND READ THIS BOOK. Fighting through the shelves full of vampires and dystopian settings is this magnificent debut from Em Bailey. Predictable elements: Olive, the heroine, is immediately likeable and Lachlan sets our hearts racing. Unpredictable elements? Enter Miranda, one of the most intriguing characters I've met from Teen Fiction in a long time. With plenty of shocking twists, I found it very difficult to put this book down! Florentyna@WaterstonesCGdn


I color my hair red, you do it. I color my hair brown, you do it. I buy heart sunglasses, you do it. I made a new account cause HE told me to you found it. You think I'm lying about dating your "boyfriend", he cheated on me with YOU, not dating him, good friends with him, which is how I know he was creeped out when you came to visit him buy a car. Stop lying about your relationship, there isn't one, he said you are an easy lay, that's why you are around. Besides he has a gf up there, duh…


Yeah. And guess what? I'm tired of not being good enough for you. When you realize what you missed out on, it will be too late. And for everyone who thinks this is some sad fling at a guy- you're wrong.


People need to remember this about me. I've become really good at ignoring things but just because I ignore it doesn't mean I didn't see it.


I hate when people don't at least try & pretend their not copying you. It's obvious...find yourself girl.