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I know I'm awesome but stop copying me A further example of Pin Bullying... Don't listen to it!!! LOL if people join this website which is essentially a sharing website they have NO RIGHT to put pins up like this!!! LOL !! Sura Zubi is a Pin Bully!!!

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I hate it with a passion! Yes, I notice it! You are WAY too obvious. Stop copying me or trying to get one up. You need hit numerous times with a baseball bat!

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It's really rather pathetic to copy and then pretend you did it 'a while ago'. What nonsense! Go copy someone else!!

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U should try it:/ hahaha worry about ur damn self n ur kids please!!! Obviously ur too worried about us if u even know my kids have allergies! Once AGAIN making urself look worse :-) let ne guess u were at the concert last night?? Ur a creepy bitch...get a life n take care of ur kids Damn!!,all u do is STALK everyone and pin about NOT flattered at all I'm creeped out jeepers creepers!!! Keep stalking b copying ur wasting ur time :-) God bless those poor babies:/

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So stop copying my every move!! Brag board really you could have at least named it different

I color my hair red, you do it. I color my hair brown, you do it. I buy heart sunglasses, you do it. I made a new account cause HE told me to you found it. You think I'm lying about dating your "boyfriend", he cheated on me with YOU, not dating him, good friends with him, which is how I know he was creeped out when you came to visit him buy a car. Stop lying about your relationship, there isn't one, he said you are an easy lay, that's why you are around. Besides he has a gf up there, duh…

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There comes a time when you just have to shake your head and say..... ...STOP COPYING ME! | Breakup Ecard |

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