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The experience of depression and anxiety...

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Dan, JUST PERFECT, *dies* Why aren't all men like this?!?! ;( *swoons and faints dramatically*

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The ending really hit me. It's so sad. I'm really crying. It really hurt when I read the ending. ;( << I legit got tears right now. It's making me cry.

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Tyrion Lannister. This philosophy applies not just in the fantastical Westeros but in real life too. Be who you are and own it with pride.

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I am against any type of Bullying. And to anyone that gets bullied there are people who love you and you can talk to about it. But if you really do believe no one loves you ( which isn't true) I Love You! Stay Strong <3

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Low Battery

Because of being bullied<<<<<No because you're never enough. Bullies just make other realize that faster than others

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Stop it!

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Great article on self cutting. It focuses primarily on those who are highly dissociative, but great for all of you who struggle with this issue.

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I think this quote reflects what Jake does to stop Russell from bullying him. Jake helps himself by doing what he loves.

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