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7 Facts About Tungsten Carbide Burrs and How To Use Them By Eternal Tools. All you ever wanted to know about the various shapes and what each one does, the different cuts, the shanks sizes available and how to use carbide burrs on all metals, all stone, ceramic, fibreglass, hard wood and reinforced plastics.

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7 Facts About Tungsten Carbide Burs and How To Use Them By Eternal Tools. Carbide burrs can be used on: all metals, stone, ceramic, porcelain, hard wood and reinforced plastics.

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How To Carve A Heart in Pebbles, stone, sea glass and beach pottery. Easy to follow tutorial with step by step images and descriptions. The equipment you'll need and tips along the way! Ace! It's so easy, you're going to love it!

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These beach pebbles were carved under running water using diamond bits in a Dremel tool, then beeswax was rubbed onto them to make the carvings more distinct

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How to make a stone tea light candle holder in 4 easy steps. You will need a 42mm diamond core drill (held in a rotary drill), a 10mm diamond core drill held in your Dremel and a 10mm large diamond cylinder burr, also held in your Dremel. All the tools can be found at

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Ever wondered how to create an engraved pattern or name into a pebble? It's all the rage at the moment. You need a Dremel type drill and a Diamond Ball Burr. Drill into a shallow trough of water at the slowest speed setting on your drill and carve away! If you need further help just ask Eternal Tools, they have comprehensive knowledge about carving and engraving tools

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