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Microscopy prints would make a great, colorful, abstract series for a wall somewhere. Goblet cells- they make your mucous. Microscopy

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Meet the latest addition to the Prague Zoo - an adorable baby gorilla

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Exactly... Watch Cowspiracy, watch Earthlings, open your eyes. Meat eaters and even vegetarians are funding the unspeakable cruelty of animals. It's not entirely your fault: We were all brainwashed and lied to. But now there's so much information easily available. Choose to know, choose to see. Choose compassion. Going vegan will save them and our only planet and ultimately save you and those you love x

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Here are a few handy syn values that I found on pinterest Ever find yourself out with nothing handy and a grumbing stomach? At least w...

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Kusma Gyadi Bridge, Nepal - Only afraid of heights if you are. for more pics and travel ideas visit for wanderlust wednesdays inspiration

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