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Stolen Car Lyrics

Twenty One Pilots haha.He's talking about hpw is car radio actually did get stolen out of his car. So... him being an "emotional dude", he therefore wrote a song about it.

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1935 Traveling band bus from movie "Stolen Harmony", show custom concept car prototype streamlined aerodynamic retro futuristic cool deco sleek RV camper camping glamping motorhome

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CAN SOMEONE PLS DISCUSS OUR NEW BAND ?<< I legit want to start a band, I'm not even joking. I can play the piano and sing, I want a guitarist or drummer lol :(

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GI Jimmy Hendricks with what looks to be a Danelectro 59DC. But is probably a Silvertone.

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after this he told everyone that he has a way to listen to music in his car now. lol he said "it's not stolen anymore"

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