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Stitch Fix: Love the unique neckline of this LBD! Sexy without sharing all the secrets...


Brixon Ivy James Laser Cut Dress Love this color or deep purple. No blue please. Too many blue dresses.

I love Stitch Fix! A personalized styling service and it's amazing!! Simply fill out a style profile with sizing and preferences. Then your very own stylist selects 5 pieces to send to you to try out at home. Keep what you love and return what you don't. Only a $20 fee which is also applied to anything you keep. Plus, if you keep all 5 pieces you get 25% off! Free shipping both ways. Schedule your first fix using the link below! #stitchfix @stitchfix. Stitchfix Spring 2016. Stitchfix Summer…


Stitch fix inspiration August 2016. Try stitch fix subscription box :) It's a personal styling service! I absolutely love stitch fix! Try them out for yourself. 1. Sign up with my referral link. (Just click pic) 2. Fill out style profile! Make sure to be specific in notes. 3. Schedule fix and Enjoy :) There's a $20 styling fee but will be put towards any purchase!#StitchFix #Sponsored

Stylist please send this in my next Stitch Fix May Doe & Rae Wesley Lace Dress -Jessie

Stitch Fix Fall 2016 - Skies Are Blue, Lexee Lace Dress The color of this dress makes it perfect for a fall outfit

Dear Stylist, I already have so many navy dresses so it's not a surprises that this one speaks to me!

Stitch Fix Brixon Ivy Dorene dress! If you love this dress you should give Stitch Fix a try, use the link below:


Navy and white geometric dress. Stripes. Resort wear! Tory Burch Fitbit. Stitch fix Spring 2016 - sign up today go get your own stylist for only $20.


This dress! It could be so versatile!