How to make a simple, cheap, and amazingly effective DIY stink bug trap. More information and a video tutorial on the website.

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Once upon a time, there was a homeowner whose castle was completely overrun by stinkbugs. Yep, those black little crawling critters who kinda prop themselves up on all fours and give you an awkward salute when they’re scared. Now, necessity being the mother of invention, this king of the castle invented a cheap, easy and …

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BUG SPRAY - Step 1. - 2C hot water ~ Step 2. - 1C vinegar ~ Step 3. - 1/2 C Dawn ~ MUST do it in order to avoid suds

If you live in any of the states where these little bugs have exploded, you might find this interesting.

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Get rid of stinkbugs naturally: try a combination of garlic powder and water, 10 drops mint oil and water, or even catnip! Because, let's be serious-- we all have this problem

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Kill stink bugs both indoors and outdoors with Harris Stink Bug Killer, available at many hardware, grocery and home improvement stores

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