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No Drought (Poudre de Perlimpinpin) Shampoing sec

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Secret London: Davenports Magic Shop when I was a child in the 70's it was a great treat to visit this shop oposite the british museum-the man in there would play practical jokes,involving fake limbs etc. i would buy all sorts of tricks..and my father would have to put up with 'black face soap' and 'klondyke blizzard' (floating 'snow' that emerged from his cigarette smoke) as well as stink bombs and small explosions..I suspect his memories are not so fond.

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Gotta love labs!

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#Stink #bombs stinky bomb rotten egg smell joke fart bomb smell vile #prank bomb, View more on the LINK:

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School Administrators Suspend Teachers For Teaching Dangerous Science And Boy For Making Hydrogen Bomb At Home

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Make a Stink Bomb

How to Make a Stink Bomb. Do you have a hankering for a smelly prank? Is one of your buddies just asking for you to get even with him? If so, you're in for a treat. Actually, someone else is in for a mighty smelly time. Read on for several...

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Make a Homemade Stink Bomb and Other Chemistry Pranks

Make a Homemade Stink Bomb and Other Chemistry Pranks: Rubber Egg and Rubber Chicken Bones -- SCIENCE FRIDAY IDEA

Hepkat Provisioners Stink Bombs Whether your goal is to clear out a whole room or play a practical joke on your friends or family these Stink Bombs are sure to gross out your intended victims. Just brea (Barcode EAN = 0783329526696)

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