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Sticky Faith

Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids

how to make a christingle orange Part of our vintage themed christmas


Do you ever worry about your sins? Do you ever wonder if your dua will be answered? Are you scared your prayer won’t be accepted? There’s something you can do whenever you wake at night that will lead to your forgiveness— and to the acceptance and answering of your prayers! Write the above dua on a sticky note and put …


Sticky faith: What keeps kids connected to church? | The Christian Century

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to Inspire - to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative


This amazing sunnah takes only five seconds, so say it in your next prayer! Also: 1. Write it on a sticky note and put it on the wall so you can first memorize it, and afterwards remind yourself to say it in your prayer (before you start reciting Suratul Faatihah). 2. Teach the children so that it becomes a sadaqah …


Looking for an easy and inexpensive faith-based project to do with the kids that teaches them the true meaning of Easter?


Harvest Prayer - this is sweet to share at the breakfast table for family devotions.


Rejoice Always 1 Thessalonians 5:16 Christians can rejoice because the glory of God has been revealed and will be coming. Faith in Christ is something that changes our way of life and gives us something to rejoice for. Let this Christian art print be your reminder to rejoice always. #rejoicealways #1thessalonians5