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33 Rad Stick and Poke Tattoos

Need ideas for a stick and poke tattoo? Although many people associate the stick and poke style of tattooing with prison tats, these DIY tattoos are an awesome look for everyone. Stick and poke tattoos are actually more or less DIY tattoos, and pretty much anyone can do them. There are even S&P...

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5 Women Take Stick-&-Poke Tats To The Next Level

What was the first tattoo you created?"The first tattoo I did was a witch's hat on my friend Josephine on Halloween, a couple of years ago. She taught me what to do and let me do it right on her arm. And she gave me a matching one."Is there a tattoo you’ve found to be extremely popular? "People have been drawn toward the crystal ball with the 'YES' inside, and I love spreading that positive message."4

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DIY 'stick-and-poke' tattoos: health professionals warn of risks

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Sheet 1 of 2 for the Temporal Corporeal tattoo pop up tomorrow! First come first serve! $60 - $150! At Astro Turf Gallery - 1965 Main Street. Come get tattooed! ✨

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