Becoming a Forester – Requirements and Training #online #college #classes  #forestry degree # Be a Forester – Requirements and Training Steve Nix is a professional forester and natural resource consultant who also writes and maintains a forestry/forest/tree information website for Updated August 04, 2016. Of all the professions, forestry may be the most misunderstood of the lot. Many kids…
Beartown State Park is a natural area of 107 acres located on the eastern summit of Droop Mountain, seven miles southwest of Hillsboro, West Virginia. The land was purchased in 1970 with funds from the Nature Conservancy and a donation from Mrs. Edwin G. Polan, in memory of her son, Ronald Keith Neal, who lost his life in the Vietnam War. Image Courtesy Steve Nix

Beartown State Park, A Forest and Geologic Wonder

A Collection of Walnuts - Photo by Steve Nix, Licensed to

What You Need to Know about Gathering Walnuts

Photo by Steve Nix

Killing unwanted woody-stemmed plants.

- Steve Nix

Identify a Dormant Tree in Winter

American Beautyberry - Steve Nix / About Forestry

Go Purple This Fall With Beautyberry

A catalpa tree is a beautiful tree, a wood product but is also a source of food for the fish-loving catalpa caterpillar.

The Catalpa Tree and Its Caterpillars