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Which Stephen King Book Are You?

Stayed up a whole weekend, 48 hours straight, reading it. Scared me so bad I couldn't do laundry cause the washer/dryer was in the basement..along with a floor drain!

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Full Dark, No Stars by King, Stephen ( 2010 ): Stephen King: Books

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The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland. La leggenda narra che lo spettro della Grey Lady ossessiona il sottile nastro di strada che si snoda sotto i faggi secolari. Pare che la donna misteriosa appaia al tramonto tra gli alberi, scivoli silenziosamente lungo la strada e svanisca vicino all’ultimo albero di faggio.

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Stephen King's "Misery" a Vintage Collectible 1987 Edition

Thank you Stephen King for making me terrified to ever become know..because it's possible :)

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Needful Things, Stephen King - my all time favourite Stephen King book. So unbelievably creepy and weird, love it.

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Stephen King, one of my all time favourite authors. If he converses like he writes, all layers and strings of story coming together and splashing apart, the conversation might never end.

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