Una de las historias más escalofriantes de S. King. Leí la novela de 1500 páginas, pero nunca me imaginé el final.

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Update on Stephen Kings IT for 2016 http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3338085/it-clown-pennywise-will-terrorize-new-york-june/

Você tem certeza que seu trauma de palhaços tem uma única origem: #Parcimonioso…

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Salem’s Lot (1979) I saw this when I was about 6....trust me, it left a mark!!

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The Shining. No movie could ever fully capture the creepiness of the Stephen King original, but Jack Nicholson et. al. sure come close. Shelly Duvall gets on my nerves, but then the little kid starts talking to his finger and pretty soon I'm checking all the locks on the windows, just in case.

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Do not know this movie, but my current standing with balloons means I will not be seeing it. Clever Posters of Classic Horror Films - My Modern Metropolis

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By HellHorror.com First Look at PENNYWISE The Clown in New IT Movie!: Check out this first look photo of Bill… #BillSkarsgard #StephenKing

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