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Stephen Hopkins, Mayflower passenger 1620. The only Mayflower passenger who had previously been to the New World, including surviving a shipwreck in Bermuda and working from 1610–14 in Jamestown. William Shakespeare's "The Tempest" is believed to be based upon his Bermuda shipwreck incident. The first formal meeting with the Indians was held at Hopkins’ house and he was called upon to participate in early Pilgrim visits with the Indian leader Massasoit. Generation 13 on family tree.

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STEPHEN HOPKINS (1581 – 1644) Jamestown Colonist and Pilgrim on the Mayflower Historical short biography of Stephen Hopkins

Who's Your Daddy? DNA Map of England Shows Who's Your Great-Grandpa, Too

The first in-depth genetic scan of the British Isles shows their violent history of invasion after invasion lives on in the people.The blood of Norwegian Vik...

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stephen hopkins 9th great grandfather, mayflower passenger, jamestown survivor, inspiration for shakespeare's "The Tempest"

Map of settlers plots of land at Plimouth Colony---Richard "Mayflower Compact" Warren - View media - membership req.

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Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower. Family founder in America making the Hopkins a founding family of both the North and the South.

The Governor Stephen Hopkins House, built in 1708, is house in Providence, Rhode Island that was the home of Stephen Hopkins, a governor of Rhode Island & signatory of the Declaration of Independence. Stephen Hopkins purchased the house in 1743 & made a large two story addition to the original house that was built in 1708.