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Traditional Japanese pattern by stencil library.

Japanese stencils from The Stencil Library. Buy from our range of Japanese stencils online. Page 1 of our Japanese repeatpattern stencil catalogue.

How to make pillow with foam EVA hand print

How to make pillow with foam EVA hand print foam stamp attached to rolling pin for print roller

How to make a Bridged Stencil from any image.

Make a Bridged Stencil From Any Image

Try these Free Tattoo Stencils to get most out of your art.

Free Tattoo Stencils – Know More About Them

Examples design of cross and Jesus tattoos for the arms. [break]more[/break] Print free of charge, the head of Jesus stencil Jesus on the cross of

Peter Green, Wall Totem 3, This print is part of an archive of Peter's work from 1960s and 1970s which we are representing on Peter's behalf.

'Wall Totem by artist & printmaker Peter Green Woodcut & stencil print, 470 x 710 mm.