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Say It, Make It, Write It For Maths

Say It Make It Write It For Maths - how to use this FREE printable five different ways to create engaging maths centre activities in school for children aged 5-7 years | you clever monkey

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Fairy Tale Science Experiments

Traditional: Gingerbread man. This activity involves a fun science experiment, a great way for students to have fun and learn what makes the strongest bridge for a gingerbread man to cross.

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If children are “engineering” their very own original designs, then they are doing the “E” in STEM. It’s the application of their prior knowledge in science, mathematics, and utilization of technology that they apply in order to create! All children are natural “STEMists!” #STEM #science #EngineeringDesignProcess

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STEM Activities Pack: The Great Desert Island Challenge

The Great Desert Island STEM Challenge - Save the shipwrecked traveler by completing 5 different STEM activities. A great way to start STEM in your classroom!

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Educational Minecraft Activities

List of resources from around the web with math and language arts ideas for using Minecraft in the classroom! Educational Minecraft Activities | Rachel K Tutoring Blog #edtech

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Ideas for learning about forces.

Another great resource to learn about physics and forces #raisinglearners #homeschooling

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STEM Challenge: Build a water slide and then test it- with water! And, just for fun, add a toy figure to the slide to try it out! Have plenty of towels on hand! Read this blog post for details!

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