This sword is meant to serve as inspiration for the scene of the king after Cinderella escapes the castle. The sword is slender, but exhibits a mechanical component. This is a great example to emulate for the production of (steam-punk) Cinderella.

This sword belongs to my OC Noah I& not used to drawing weapons and stuff, but I& pretty proud of it.

Steampunk Quartermaster.... – crafthaus

One universal aspect of the Steampunk genre is the ownership and embellishment of equipment and more specifically a primary weapon. This weapon can range from…

Latex Steampunk Pirate Cutlass Is Perfect For Cosplay

Steampunk Airship Pirate Latex Cutlass - Museum Replicas - Steampunk - Costumes at Entertainment Earth

gun-crazy-scholar: If someone were to buy me this I swear I’ll pay them back within this decade.

OK I know this isn't a gun. But it's a space marine chain sword and its awesome.

Weapon Art. Superheated Sword

I would like to see this kind of design on the steampunk side of the world, using compressed steam and heating elements to cut through metal.