A real Steampunk beauty

steampunk Mechanic Boot Final2 by ~EidolonChaos on deviantART

BOOTS, on the other hand. or should I say foot. steampunk Mechanic Boot by ~EidolonChaos on deviantART

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I chose this pin because in the book people have lost limbs and had to have them replaced with robotics. This was a big problem for the Ghosts, they thought these people where demons and needed to be destroyed.

Professor Hazel Sterlingwood in clothing suitable for the workshop.

Steampunk mechanic / engineer in overall dress with pockets and fingerless long gloves

Steampunk Mechanic 1 by ~Kaliban-F on deviantART~ big wrench, maybe use PVC and foam?

This is my first work in steampunk style. Photo by azproduction [link] Steampunk Mechanic 1

Steampunk Machanic's Vest

Airship Mechanic Tool Vest

Picture of Airship mechanic tool vest. This is COOOOL!

"victorian scientist" | martianboy74, via Flickr

I have noticed that Steampunk-Coolness-Factor for men's fashion goes up with 3 Victorian style layers and accessories.

Steampunk Tendencies | Sky Captain: Duke Wyndewalker by Tara Phillips

This would be an awesome costume: Steampunk Tendencies Sky Captain: Duke Wyndewalker by Tara Phillips

Steampunk male

Steampunk Character - Old Male

steampunk she would make a great Lady Earl Grey the younger

A guide to Steampunk fashion: costume tutorials, Steampunk clothing guide, cosplay photo gallery, updated calendar of Steampunk events, and more.

6 000 Followers! Thank you! Art by @JeremyMayer

Steampunk Tendencies on

bird steampunk swallow jeremy mayer steam punk recycled art steampunk tendencies typewriter parts Steampunk Bird Steampunk Swallow(Steampunk Gadgets Weapons)

Gorgeous steam-punk style ladies waistcoat. New Look 6914.

Womens Lined Vest Sewing Pattern 6914 New Look

Steampunk 2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

- a triple expansion vertical steam engine weighing 1100 tons and used to pump 300 million gallons of water per day. Built and installed in 1915 by the Holly Engine Co

BEFORE YOU PIN THIS! Check out the steampunk story featuring a character…

Photographer: Horacio Casadey - Retouching: Sergey Brezhnev very steampunck

14 Fashions That Put The Steam In Steampunk

14 Fashions That Put The Steam In Steampunk

Hope you& got your brass-studded goggles ready; you& about to be blown away by some swell steampunk looks from Steampunk& premiering All New Wednesdays at Only on GSN.

Steampunk - Mechanic 1 by ~blackbettie on deviantART

A costume test run for a steampunk mechanic using items already in my closet, with the exception of the apron and toolbelt.