Steampunk Half Mask-Gold

Gold Steampunk Mask Adult Halloween Accessory

Check out Steam Punk Gold Half Mask - Venetian Masks for Halloween from Costume Discounters

STEAMPUNK MASK leather mask hand made Halloween by SteampunkMasks

Buy Now STEAMPUNK MASK leather Halloween apocalypse gear LARP cosplay cybergoth cyberpunk dieselpunk costume by SteampunkMasks USDSteampunk MaskEnti

Steampunk mask Hat,Goggles and Respirator mask- okay so this is a massive trinket, but I like it.

Steampunk mask. Hat,Goggles and Respirator

Soooo cool! Check out for other awesome Steampunk helmets and masks

Leather plague doctor mask with tophat. Super cool and kinda creepy at the same…

photo robinmask2.jpg

Steampunk mask - "*sigh if only I could replace the purple things with actual prescription lenses, then id never take it off." -That is a great Idea!

Steampunk Metallic Unisex Mens masquerade ball mask with Goggle Warrior Military Prom Party by Crafty4Party | Smoked Glass Goggles

Steampunk Metallic Unisex Mens masquerade ball mask with Goggle...

DIY Alice in Wonderland Steampunk White Rabbit Mask Tutorial. Not sure that I'd ever wear it, but damn it looks cool.

DIY Alice in Wonderland Steampunk White Rabbit Mask Tutorial from EPBOT here. Leather mask and giant pocket watch (vintage wall clock) will take patience. Beautiful & cool & creepy all at once.

Phantom of the Steampunk Opera 
by ~Diarment

Mask Phantom of the Steampunk Opera. Material: cardboard, plastic and paint. More pictures in my Etsy store:[link] Spanish: Mascara Fantasma de la Opera Steampunk. Tamaño: media ca.

Arcane Steampunk/victorian LED plague doctor mask by TwoHornsUnited on DeviantArt

Newest version of my "Eternal plague" mask designs. This one has a full costume to go with it (in the works) and I'll have pictures of that eventually. I will also have more plague masks like this .

Another Scary Steampunk Mask from the House of Bob Basset

Drawing an inspiration from the Victorian Age, this unique rust colored bob basset mask is something you might want to use for a virus outbreak.