Adopt The Unconventional Steampunk Decor In Your Home

Old world map --- thinking of this for my right upper arm sleeve --- all the way around --- worn, faded colors --- with a compass at the bottom with no needle:

Distressed Copper Light Switches                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Distressed Copper Light Switches provide an element of interest in one of the most mundane places.

Great example of balancing heavy colours and different textures and ornate…

C Gothic Revival--Olivier Foltzer / Galerie Maison (FR).Oh, I belong in a place like this to love and make a home.I sure hope the family who lives there appreciates that house.

Steam punk shelves

This copper pipe bookshelf. 18 Steampunk Decor Flourishes That Will Make Any Room Badass

9. Use an old steamer trunk as a coffee table! Sometimes you must improvise in order to obtain the desired result. If you don’t have a proper table for this kind of interior design, use a steamer trunk or any other suitcase to fill the empty space.

21 Cool Tips To Steampunk Your Home

RH's Kensington Leather Sofa:A masterful reproduction by Timothy Oulton of the classic Chesterfield style, our sofa evokes the grand gentlemen's club tradition.

Steampunk orrery with 9 planetary bodies

Steampunk orrery with 9 planetary bodies

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Another Steampunk set...Please? PETITION [Pics Galore!] 34 Sigs & Counting!

From architect Michael R Davis' website: The The Clock on Old Fulton Street in Brooklyn Heights is a square foot loft located in an Italianate storage building built in 1892 on the site of the Brooklyn Eagle Newspaper once edited by Walt Whitman.

Think of the Victorian train stations and their steel structures with elegant and elaborate decorative details, certificates of both technology and manufacture art. Some of that fascinating mix can be found in this kitchen  hardware and fine metallic details turn it into an elegant cooking laboratory.

Steampunk Interior Design Ideas: From Cool to Crazy

Adopt The Unconventional Steampunk Decor In Your Home

Donny's Bar, NSW, Australia, was created by the designers from an unpromising former commercial space into a New York loft style bar on a limited budget.

Steampunk Interior Design Style And Decorating Ideas (7)

Steampunk Interior Design Style And Decorating Ideas

The Steampunk Home: March 2010

I would use this design for the kitchen: the counter and cabinets and the center island, with prep sink and inlaid cutting board plus and extra set of burners and an oven. Stainless steel counters are so easy to keep clean and indestructible.