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Do it for Johny man do it for Johny. I read this for school in the 7th grade and everyone would always say that.

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Oh my god this book made me cry and I threw it across the room (in the middle of class)

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25 Movies You Have To See Before You Turn 25

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Nothing Gold Can Stay - Robert Frost - Wow, I just watched The Outsiders for the first time in know, this must be meant for me!

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I tried not to snicker at the banner. It reminded me of the GPs, the golden people. If you were real gold, why did you need to 'stay gold'? Only fake gold tries to 'stay gold'. And that's exactly what all the GPs are, fake gold.

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Though the actual quote is "Stay golden, Pony boy." It is perhaps one of the most well known quotes from a piece of literature. It is something that resonants with everyone who has every read the book or seen the movie.

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This unique “Stay Gold, Ponyboy” sign was inspired by vintage chalkboard lettering and my love of the novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.

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