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A good reminder. Existentialism is very faulty but mindfulness - being in the truth of them moment is not

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Keep Calm Quotes for Girls | Keep calm and believe in dreams.

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Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That's who you really are #FeelGoodQuotes

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Take care of yourself...don't allow worry, anxiety and becoming nervous (yes it's called Xanax)

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11 Quotes To Remember When You Feel Exhausted

At times, life can seem like a battlefield, but the next time you feel exhausted, just keep the following 11 quotes in mind to help you keep going...

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23 Baby Names That Make You Smile

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Keep Calm Quotes | We hope you enjoyed these 25 Keep Calm Picture Quotes and thanks for ...

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Being calm makes you stronger! Don't let your emotions rule your head. Stay focused!

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"Si el océano puede calmarse asi mismo, usted también puede... Ambos somos sal de guerra mezclado con el aire." Meditación, ~Nayyirah waheed

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