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You should know what the meaning of a Buddha statue is BEFORE you buy it, shouldn't you? Learn what these most common Buddha poses symbolize.


The laughing Buddha statue is probably the most known statue of Buddha. Chris Milnes creates "Pop-Buddha" project which is a line of

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Neko Nirvana: Cat-Napping In The Lap Of Buddha - Page 3 of 3

While humans seek enlightenment on the way to nirvana, these cats seen sleeping in the laps of Buddha statues seem to be seeking a warm place to chill out.


Large 17-inch Japanese Sitting Buddha Statue (China)

@Overstock - Sitting in meditation, this beautifully handcrafted Gautama Buddha, the Bodhisattva, will ad peace and tranquility to any space. This statue of Buddha is seen sitting in the lotus position in meditation. $69.99


Kuan Yin, goddess of compassion. Kuan means Earth and Yin is the female life force. She is a completely enlightened Buddha who made a promise in the distant past that after reaching complete enlightenment she would always appear in female form for the benefit of all beings. By iconographic category and hierarchy she is a meditational deity and her appearance is that of a peaceful deity. Kuan Yin has strength which is embraced by softness.~~~

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Buddha Statues and Buddhist Symbolism

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Stone Finish Statue of Buddha in Meditation, 6.5 Inches

A serene statue in stone colored finish depicts the Buddha in calm meditation. Bonded stone. inches tall.

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