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7 Secrets to Starting Seeds Indoors

7 Secrets to Starting Seeds Indoors- Starting you garden plants from seeds indoors can save you time and money. Grow seedlings successfully with these DIY gardening tips.


Growing your own seedlings from seed offers you more flexibly and control over your garden. You can choose your favorite varieties, grow the number of plants you need, and work within the planting dates that suit your growing area. Here are ten steps for starting seeds indoors.:

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When To Start Seeds Indoors

Timing is very important when it comes to starting seeds indoors. If you start your seeds too early, you could end up with weak, leggy seedlings by the time it's warm enough to plant them into the garden. But if you start your seeds too late, the seedlings won't be mature enough for transplanting. Know When To Start Seeds Indoors, and create your own personal seed starting schedule |

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Build a Grow Light System for Starting Seeds Indoors

Using biodegradable toilet paper rolls - a great way to start seeds indoors and not disturb the roots! Once ready to transplant just plant the entire roll in the soil...cardboard will breakdown. Garden Girl :)

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13 Surprising Shortcuts to Starting Seeds indoors

Hometalk Highlights's discussion on Hometalk. 13 Surprising Shortcuts to Starting Seeds Indoors - These downright brilliant tricks will help you get ready for gardening!

Mini Greenhouses Just clear plastic storage boxes, group the plants in them according to their cold tolerance. That way you can pick up a box and pop in the house when it’s too cold for them. It’s also easier to move plants around to find them more (or less) sun exposure.


Starting seeds indoors can seem intimidating: There are a lot of materials to gather, and the process seems a little complicated. But have no fear, this step-by-step guide includes useful tips and details and will help demystify seed starting.