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Starting A Farm

How to Ditch the City and Start a Farm - Prepping to survive after a major disaster is so much more than stockpiling supplies in the back closet of our apartment. If we ever face a SHTF scenario, we're going to need a different set of skills to survive. Skills like farming can increase your chances of keeping your family alive in the event of a disaster much more likely.

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How to Start a Farm with No Money

The designs for my chicken tractors are available at I share videos, farm podcasts, and lots of information at: http:...


Starting A Farm Without Debt: Buying Land First

You don't have to go into debt to start a farm--but you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Here's how to work your way up by purchasing your land first.


Native plants should be your first choice to help our native bees. Listed in this article are some plants that are good sources of nectar or pollen for bees.

Hobby Farming Sustainable Home Food Production From Small Scale to Large…

Hobby Farming Sustainable Home Food Production From Small Scale to Large #Infographic

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Shopping Saturday- Planning a wild garden

"Making things you want out of things you don't!" Tinned Pineapple is made of two crafters who each make our own fun items, and sometimes we get together to work on joint projects! We specialize in upcycling and geekery, but we've been known to do all...