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World War 2 This war fought in Europe, North Africa and Asia started in 1939 with the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany and ended in 1945 with the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan. It was the largest armed conflict in history.

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Ok, we'll start with this 'little' list...Timeline of World War II in Europe...#ingraphics

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Sort of a “super” Typhoon, the Hawker Tempest had unbelievable technical qualities for a World War 2 airplane. Starting in 1944, it became what was probably the best British propeller fighter aircraft of the war. Thanks to its capacities, the Tempest was responsible for the loss of twenty German Me 262 (the first operational jet aircraft).

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This appears to be a modern photo from a Italian WWII historical reenactment group (see At least its name and website are printed across the bottom of the photo on a forum on historical reenactment (

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The other protagonist in the book Soldier Boys is Dieter, a 15 year old boy that joined the Hitler Youth.

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BRITISH WW II.Land army.With the country at war and all able-bodied men needed to fight, there was a shortage of labour to work on farms and in other jobs on the land. The government wanted to increase the amount of food grown within Britain. In order to grow more food, more help was needed on the farms and so the government started the Women's Land Army. 16

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Hawker Typhoon, 1945 - Note the black spinner, the 2nd TAF [tactical airforce] painted their spinners black in 1945, they had been sky previously. Note pilot in front in khaki battledress as well, I think for ease of concealment if shot down, and the 'erk' in the background holding a fire extinguisher, the Sabre engine engine used the Coffman starter system, which if didn't start up the engine first time it caused it burst into flames as it was primed full of petrol!

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