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the drape! the cozy factor! perfect cape is perfect (from Confessions of a Seamstress: The Costumes of Star Wars - Padme Amidala)

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!!***Padme taught me to believe in democracy and peace even in the face of extreme adversity. She taught me that love is worth fighting for even when it seems impossible. AND she taught me to never give up on the people I love, even when they seem beyond saving.***!! don't come at me with that weak ass shit up there. Padme was hands down the best female character in Star Wars and she doesn't deserve half the shit she gets put down for.

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The girls of Star Wars, Padme, Leia and Rey. Edit made by me~E.

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Almost forgot that, years ago, this was my bridal hair inspiration. This is why I grew my hair so long.

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TheRetroInc on Etsy

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