Good night friend

10 Science Fictional Bars We'd Like to Visit

Bea Arthur sings in the Star Wars Holiday Special - It's goodnight, friend, not goodbye.

Star Wars: They looked similar to those worn by Princess Leia in the 1977 film - who was played by Carrie Fisher

Heidi Klum strikes a pose in flashback photo

Carrie Fisher / - Moving on up: It was her role as Princess Leia in the first Star Wars trilogy, the first o.

BB-8: *wandering off* RD-D2: *beep beep bloop* C-3PO: Watch your language! K-2SO: Would you like the percent of how much he meant it? It's high. Very high. *slaps R2*

*wandering off* *beep beep bloop* Watch your language! Would you like the percent of how much he meant it?

a star wars holiday special by shorelle~~ not Christmas but I still want to pin this

- Han must be so happy. And lets hope obi gets it. a star wars holiday special by shorelle on DeviantArt

Most Star Wars fans are at least peripherally aware of the Star Wars Holiday special, but almost no one has seen it because it was never released on home video. The special aired on November 17, 1978. Ever since then, everyone involved has been trying to forget about it, destroy it, or at least deny that they did it willingly. But tonight, dear readers, tonight — you’ll get a taste of how bad it really was.  For my sister...  @Lauren Melton

That Horrible Star Wars Holiday Special

The Star-Studded Star Wars Holiday Special Was the Worst Thing on Television Ever